I am a certified Health & Life Coach and I inspire people to take charge of their health so they can experience abundant joy and ease. Life is beautiful but it can also be very chaotic. The key to staying afloat is to find balance in the midst of chaos. Have you ever really completed that "To Do" list? It seems like my list just keeps growing. Even when I'm not doing anything on that list I spend a lot of time thinking about it, which is the quickest way for my anxiety to kick in. When I find myself on that hamster wheel, I'm not only drained but my energy is all over the place, which is totally nonproductive. It's a vicious cycle and if I don't interrupt the loop I end up sabotaging my own health by convincing myself that I'm just too busy to practice yoga or make a healthy meal. Of course that only leaves me feeling worse. Can you relate? The irony is that the key to ending this vicious cycle is to prioritize self-care. You will know if you are doing it because you will feel amazing! Who doesn't want that? I sure do! I know what it feels like to be really sick. I have an autoimmune disease that once left me disabled and that's what it took to force me to slow down. Learning to relax and manage stress has been a game changer for my overall well-being. I have taken back control over my health and the results are astonishing. I no longer suffer from pain and inflammation as I did before. I feel energized and motivated and I did it all naturally! Now more than ever I want to help others reclaim their health and keep dis-ease out of the body, mind and spirit. I can help you create healthy lifestyle habits that will last so that you can have an awesome quality of life. Are you ready to empower yourself with the gift of health?

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My Story

My health journey has had many highs and lows. In my twenties and thirties I was extremely active. I was obsessed with dance and capoeira, training  up to 7 days a week. I also managed health clubs and a yoga studio so I got to explore many different types of exercise such as pilates, yoga, boxing, spinning and weight lifting. I'm fascinated with exercise and how each style shapes not only your body but also your mind. Movement is definitely my therapy and it defined me for so long. In 2000, driven by my passion for movement and cultural expression, I co-founded a non-profit organization where I taught dance and capoeira to inner-city youth as well as adults. It was extremely satisfying to do what I loved and to see the great impact cultural expression had on the community. The health and fitness components were of course the hidden bonus. I was living a life I loved, working side by side with my husband for ten years until my marriage fell apart. It was absolutely heartbreaking to walk away from my partner and the things I loved. I moved out of the state and set out to start a new life as a single mom of two children. Filled with sadness, anger, fear, shame and guilt, I hid from the world and focused all of my energy on my kids. The solitude was such a gift as it gave me time to reflect, heal and figure out what was next. I relied heavily on prayer, meditation, my mom's love and a life coach. It wasn't long before I found my true calling, coaching.

I enrolled in a holistic healing school where I learned about nutrition, various healing modalities and life coaching. The program gave me a bird's eye view of my own "baggage" and the support allowed me to be seen, heard and healed. Becoming a coach was a transformative experience and I developed a lot of skills for healing. Little did I know that I would become my own client when I faced my biggest challenge.

In 2014 I started having joint pain in my wrists, fingers and ankles. I was training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the time so I assumed the pain was related to the sport. Once the pain started to alternate from one side of my body to the other I decided to get tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disease. I was already familiar with the disease because my mom and aunt both have it. I couldn't stand the thought of them suffering and I relentlessly searched for answers.  I knew there was a connection between diet and autoimmune diseases and all of my research led me back to gut health. I felt so frustrated with the conventional approach to treating disease, where only symptoms are addressed.


It turned out I did in fact have RA. The pain and inflammation consumed every joint in my body causing a great deal of agony. It literally knocked me off my feet. I began to understand what drove people to treat the symptoms. The pain was unbearable and I eventually became bedridden. ​It was crazy how fast my health declined. One day I was living an active life and the next I could barely walk. I felt like a prisoner in a foreign body that no longer served me in the way that I wanted to be served. It was the lowest point in my life. Needless to say, I became very depressed. I spent many days pondering: Who am I now that I can't move, now that I can't dance? What will I become? My thoughts terrified me and there were times when I felt like I just couldn't go on. How did this happen to me? As it turns out, although I had been in the best physical shape of my life, my emotional health suffered. I had experienced lots of trauma throughout my life. As a result I battled with PTSD, anxiety and depression. To top it off I had a sugar addiction. I had accumulated a lifetime of stress and toxins in my body and it just erupted. 

Read How I went from Victim to Warrior

I recall the grim visit with a Rheumatologist who told me that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. She also said, “I wish I could tell you that you could change your diet and be healed, but I’d be lying to you.” I walked out of her office and did exactly what she said I couldn’t. I joined support groups and starting putting all of my healing techniques to good use. I knew I had to heal my gut so I went on an elimination diet, which wasn't easy but definitely doable after I got over my emotional attachment to food. It was a lot of work, but it paid off. Slowly but surely, I began to heal. A defining moment for me was on Mother's Day. I was walking to the park with my youngest daughter and I was feeling pretty good that day. I said to her, "I think today is the day. I'm going to try to run." She shouted "Go mommy! You can do it!" Then I sprinted down the sidewalk and just like that, I went from victim to warrior. The best part of it was that my daughter was their to witness my victory.​ Today, I live an active life just as I did before. Although I still have RA, I am not defined by the disease. I am grateful for all of the experiences I've had  because they have given me a great deal of compassion and a strong desire to help empower others with the gift of health.



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empower yourself with the gift of health